Custom Staircases

A beautiful custom hardwood staircase sets your home apart! Let us make your home the best it can be!


If you are preparing to remodel your home or business you may be looking at options for your staircase. Darkstar Hardwood offers custom staircase installations as well as repairs and refinishes. If you are looking to rejuvenate your current staircase or install a brand new custom staircase we can help. We offer a variety of stair services including refinishing and the addition of custom inlays or other details. 

The team of craftsmen at Darkstar Hardwood can restore existing hardwood stairs with a refinish. When refinishing your floors it can be easy to overlook the staircase but it really is the crowning jewel of your floors and makes the project look complete. The sheen and color will match as well as the appearance of the wood which can ding and dent over time and yellow with UV exposure. Stairs take a lot of abuse and refinishing stairs can be important for their appearance but also the safety of the staircase. 

When refinishing stairs they lop layers of finish and a thin layer of wood are sanded off to remove dents, scratching and signs of age. The stairs are then refinished with a fresh coat of finish to restore their luster. The team at Darkstar Hardwood has processes we follow when installing, repairing and refinishing stairs to ensure beautiful results every time. Our team works all over Littleton, CO providing stair installation, restoration and repair services. We would love to meet with you to provide you with a quote for your stair project and to go over the details of our process. 

We know that having work in your home can be disruptive and we work hard to minimize the headache of restoration projects. We strive to minimize dust and protect your home from the dust associated with refinishing hardwood. 

Businesses and homeowners alike have found that a custom staircase can be a true crown jewel in their space. Floating staircases, curved elegant stairs and other beautiful design elements are part of our custom staircase portfolio. Floating staircases have become all the rage in the last few years and we love installing these beautiful modern staircases. Businesses and schools have started adding social stairs to their libraries and other spaces, we can help make these impressive staircases a reality. While we are a hardwood flooring company we can help with painted risers and elements as well. We also can assist with carpeted and wood stairs to create a custom look that matches your flooring but still has the carpet treads. Darkstar can make your staircase vision a reality with our team of craftsmen. We work alongside designers, architects and homeowners to turn a vision into reality. 

Reasons to Restore Hardwood Stairs

Homeowners, landlords and business owners often make the decision to restore stairs rather than replacing them for many reasons. Safety is a huge reason for repairing an existing staircase. Overtime stairs can wear causing safety issues. Nails can begin to protrude, cracks in the treads can hurt your feet and finish can wear too much cause slippery surfaces. Restoring stairs can help to mitigate these safety risks. When refinishing existing stairs many people find that the integrity of the stairs is repaired as well. The cracks are filled, nails are tightened and splinters are removed. Appearance is another big factor in restoring stairs. Stairs take a lot of foot traffic and can begin to look dull and old over time but refinishing the flooring can restore the stairs to their original beauty. 

Refinishing stairs gives you the most bang for your buck. Sanding and refinishing stairs is a more cost effective option than installing new stairs. The building’s value will increase with refinished stairs making this a great way to add value to a home you are looking to sell. Newly refinished stairs are easier to clean and keep clean. The smooth coat of finish does not collect dust and can be quickly swept and mopped. Without the crevices and holes that may have existed before your stairs were refinished there is nowhere for pests to live cutting down on insects and critters that have made your home their home. 

When you are ready to discuss your hardwood stair project, Darkstar Hardwood is here to help. We service the Littleton, CO area and can’t wait to meet you. 


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