Sand and Finish

Sanding your existing floor and refinishing it brings that floor back to life. Experience your floor again the way it is supposed to be!


Refinishing hardwood floors can make them look new again. Refinishing hardwood flooring allows floors to be restored to their original beauty. Darkstar Hardwood offers refinishing services in Littleton, CO. Our team has the right equipment and training to perform a quality refinish for any floor. Our team’s combined experience in installation and refinishing gives them the skills to repair and sand any floor. Darkstar Hardwood adheres to NWFA standards for refinishes and combines these standards with the newest technology in finish to provide beautiful and durable floors. Newly refinished floors can be used for years without further maintenance.

dustless refinishing


Dust is always the top concern of our homeowners. Dust does not have to make the refinishing process miserable. The right vacuum and tools can make the project nearly dust free. Darkstar Hardwood has a great dust containment system that significantly reduces dust and makes the refinishing process more pleasant. The vacuum system is emptied outside to help reduce dust exposure in the home. Vacuums and dust containment systems have improved greatly in the last few years. Our dustless sanding process is a great improvement over the previous system and is a must for any refinish in Littleton.


Most industries have seen improvements in the last 20 years but the advancements in flooring finish may be the biggest. Water-based flooring finish has been introduced in the last 20 years eliminating many of the downsides associated with flooring finish but with great durability. Water based flooring finishes and UV finishes do not have the smell or V.O.C.’s found in many finishes. V.O.C.’s can be harmful to your health and can off-gas for as long as 60 days. Water-based finish and U.V. finishes off gas for just 2-36 hours and does not pose the health risk that oil based finishes do. Water based finish is durable enough to withstand 5-8 years of use before a maintenance coat or total refinish is needed but does still need routine maintenance and care. 


Hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse before they need to be refinished. Over the years of use the floor finish can start to dull and wear out. Re-sanding the floors takes away all the years of abuse and allows them to look new and beautiful again. Refinishing hardwood takes just a day or two but truly transforms your flooring. 

What you can expect from our team:

  • Punctual
  • Tidy and keeps a clean worksite
  • Discusses special needs or concerns with your
  • Informative
  • Respectful of your home
  • Background checked
  • Completes a full walk-thru at the end of the project


What you can expect from your wood flooring refinish

  • Cracks are filled
  • Even sheen is restored
  • Scratches eliminated
  • Dirt and grime removed
  • Most pet stains removed
  • Floor is smooth
  • Project completed in 2-3 days 
  • Beautiful floors you are excited to show off
  • Maintenance free floor that is easy to care for



The Bid

Darkstar Hardwood will set up an appointment for our estimator to look at your refinishing project. On the day of your bid our estimator will arrive on time prepared to measure your job and discuss the project. The estimator will introduce themselves and our company and go over the basics of hardwood refinishing. We also concentrate on what the homeowner is looking for with a refinish and discuss options like stain and finish types to ensure our bids reflect the work you are looking to have done. We discuss problem areas and areas that may need repairs. Once we have determined what you are looking for we can show you options including stain color and finish sheen options. 

The Work

After the bid has been accepted we will add your project to our calendar working with you to find a date that works for your household. Our team arrives between 7:30 and 8:30 on the scheduled day ready to tackle your floor project. We start our projects by performing a walkthrough of the area that will be refinished. The walk through process allows us to hear any concerns our customer has and discuss the timeline of the project. We also go over the contract during this meeting. Then the refinishing project can begin. The floor is sanded and our dustless vacuum is used to reduce dust greatly. Finally the flooring finish can be applied and the floor is ready for you to enjoy. 

Walk-thru & Cleaning

Once the project is completed one of our team members will perform another walk thru. The final walk-thru allows the homeowner to look over the floor, find any areas of concern and discuss the results of the project. Our employees love this opportunity to show off their hard work. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to discuss areas that may want repaired, we can work with you if there are any areas of concern on the floor. Our team will also show how to properly clean and care for your floor during the walk-thru to ensure your floor looks good for years to come. les


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