Hardwood Installation

Adding new hardwood flooring or replacing old hardwood flooring is a great investment. When properly installed and maintained, your floor will last a lifetime!


Hardwood floors can really change your home. Wood flooring is truly a timeless flooring option and can make your rooms feel alive. Wood flooring has been a common flooring option for hundreds of years because of the beauty, durability and value of this flooring type. Darkstar Hardwood installs new hardwood flooring in the Littleton, CO area and can install any species of hardwood with a variety of different stain and finish options. 

The installation of hardwood flooring is the foundation of your floor and can impact the integrity and beauty over time. Darkstar Hardwood understands the importance of a quality installation and utilizes the strict NWFA policies to ensure your floor is installed properly and looks beautiful for years to come. The team at Darkstar is made up of highly trained craftsmen, trained in hardwood installation and refinishing. Our team has decades of combined experience and a long list of happy customers to attest to the craftsmanship and expertise we offer on each job. Our team utilizes the training and experience they have gained on each new installation to create a quality install that will last the test of time. 

Installing hardwood floors

The installation of hardwood has many aspects to consider to ensure a proper installation. Nailing schedules, proper nails, glue use and proper construction are all part of the quality installation process. We work hard to create a forever floor, this means a floor that will not shift and move and can last 100 years or more with proper maintenance. Hardwood shrinks and expands seasonally but with the right installation process this movement will be minimal and not cause issues. With proper care your floor can be worry free and look great for years and years to come. 

It comes as no surprise that we have as many positive reviews as we do when you consider the installation process we adhere to. Our crews stay busy based on word of mouth and positive feedback. We have built our name as a quality installation company in Littleton because we hold our team to high stands. Our team focuses on customer satisfaction, quality and reliability and works hard to meet the needs of each customer. If you are ready to discuss your hardwood installation give us a call. 

What to Expect from the Process

  • Floor is installed to NWFA standards
  • Materials and cleaned up each day
  • Borders used when necessary
  • Installation is tight with little to no cracks
  • Wood sourced from top quality mills
  • Glue used when needed

What to Expect from Darkstar Hardwood Employees

  • Timely
  • Considerate of your home 
  • Controls dust and shavings in your home when possible
  • Answers questions and concerns
  • Focuses on your wants and needs
  • NWFA trained

The Installation Process

The Bid

Darkstar Hardwood will come out for your installation bid or can do the appointment digitally through facetime, zoom, or a different service. The bid starts with going over what you are wanting to change in your home and the look and feel you are wanting to achieve. Our estimator will then discuss flooring options within your budget. Once the meeting has concluded we will work to create a bid with any options you wanted to consider and send the bid to you via email. 

Accepting The Bid

After you have had time to review the bid and worked with our team to make any changes you will need to accept the bid to get your project scheduled. Customers can accept the bid via email or phone call. Once we have the accepted bid we can schedule your project. We have to acclimate wood that is being installed so projects have to be scheduled at least two weeks out. 

Installation Work Begins

When the time comes for the installation our crew arrives on site and does a job walk with the customer. This walkthrough is to discuss the details of the project, look for any problem areas that need to be discussed and to answer any questions. Hardwood flooring usually takes 3-5 days to install but this timeline varies based on the size of the project. If any questions arise during your installation you can speak with the foreman or call our main office. 

Walk Through after the Installation

After the job has been completed we perform a post job walk through. This allows us to show off the beautiful finished floor, discuss care and answer any questions. We ask for final payment at the walkthrough as well. 

Beautiful new hardwood flooring from Darkstar Hardwood

Hardwood Species

There are lots of different species of hardwood but they are broken down into two main types – domestic and exotic. Extoic woods can be installed in homes in the US but some regions have to be careful with some exotics. Domestic hardwood is considered a more stable floor option and is less likely to shift with changes in humidity. Our estimator can discuss the right hardwood materials for your project and what is the most suitable for your home. 


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